Here is what we discuss.

Why playing your favorite casino games on your phone or tablet rather on your computer may make more sense given South Africa’s mobile usage.

The regulations governing internet casinos in South Africa and a bill to regulate online gambling that the nation has been attempting to approve since 2008

Our forecasts regarding the development of internet casinos in South Africa.

For whenever you’d want to play casino games in person, information on a few land-based casinos in South Africa.

We begin by discussing the criteria you should consider and contrast when choosing which South African online casino sites you should register with.

The Best South African Online Casinos to Play at

You must first learn how to locate the top South African online casinos. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Just be aware of what to look for.

Every reputable online casino must have a few qualities. We’ll now focus on the two elements we believe are most important for casino gamblers in South Africa.

currencies and payment methods that are accepted

various forms of gambling

Here is why each of the aforementioned points is significant.

Accepted Payment Options & Currencies at SA Casinos Online casinos that take Rand

You should consider how you will finance your account and withdraw your winnings while comparing South African online casino sites.

There will probably be a variety of banking options available to you. These consist of bank transfers, electronic wallets, and credit cards.

There are some better banking options than others. Finding a casino that accepts the financial options that are most convenient for you is crucial.

Finding online casinos that allow deposits in Rand is even more crucial.

Not all online casinos in South Africa accept Rand. When you deposit, some exchange your currency, which can make things more difficult.

Given that the Rand is less valuable than the currencies used by the majority of online casinos, you will (probably) receive less money.

Most currency exchangers charge commissions. It will be deducted from your bank account.

It may be more difficult to keep track of how much money you’re winning or losing since you won’t be able to play in Rand.

Your experience can be significantly hampered by the currency exchange situation.

For this reason, we advise you to only register with South African casino websites that offer payment methods that let you deposit and withdraw money in Rand. That will make it lot easier for you to gamble online.

You can even gamble using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to avoid the headache of exchanging your Rand. Playing online casino games with cryptocurrencies has a lot of advantages.

One advantage is that many of the top South African online casinos, including the ones we suggest, accept Bitcoin deposits.

Therefore, you might think about using Bitcoin if you don’t want to find out which online casinos accept Rand.

Numerous Gambling Options at South African Online Casinos

Variety of games offered by South African online casinos

The South African National Gambling Board keeps an eye on national trends in gambling behavior.

Casinos generated 60.5% of the nation’s gross gambling income in the 2018–2019 fiscal year. They derived 23.5% of their income from wagering on sports.

We were taken aback by the nation’s bingo earnings.

Bingo only contributed 5.1% of all gambling revenue, but that represented a 26.6% increase from the previous year.

That implies that compared to other gaming industries, bingo is growing in popularity considerably more quickly.

What does this mean for you, though?

The majority of online casinos that accept South African players only offer slots and table games. However, the data reveals that South African gamblers also desire other types of gambling, so that’s not good enough.

Along with standard casino games, the best South African online casinos we suggest also feature bingo, sports betting, and arcade games.

If you value having access to a wide range of gambling options, be sure to sign up for one of our suggested South African casino apps or websites.

By reading our reviews of South African online casinos, you can confirm whether a website offers the gambling alternatives you’re looking for.

In order to determine whether a casino you are thinking about accepts transactions in South African Rand or not, our reviews also include information about banking options.

When it comes to these crucial features, the best casino websites for South Africans check all the right boxes.

South African Casino Apps and Mobile Online Casinos South African mobile online casinos

Mobile compatibility comes in at a close third if banking and game variety are the two most essential features for online South African casinos to have.

99.7% of South Africans had access to 3G mobile networks as of 2019. The availability of 4G or LTE mobile coverage was 92.8%.

Most likely, your mobile network offers quicker internet speeds than your computer does (if you even own a PC.) This implies that playing games on your phone will probably be more pleasurable.

The good news is that loading times won’t be an issue if you choose to play real money mobile casino games in South Africa. likewise poor graphics. This is because many casinos approach game development with a mobile-first mentality.

What about game selection, though? Banking? Customer support?

You need not be concerned. The South African mobile online casinos we suggest offer the same casino games, sports wagers, and other gambling choices as their PC counterparts.

You won’t have any trouble getting in touch with customer service, and the banking options are the same.

All of the online casinos for South Africa that we recommend have their mobile casino apps tested by us.

You are not required to download actual apps. You can usually reach the best South African mobile casinos using your web browser. You’re good to go if you have Safari or Google Chrome.

The South African mobile casino websites are nearly identical to the desktop versions. It only makes sense to accept mobile gambling in light of that and the increasing mobile usage and speeds.

Both we and you will likely find it enjoyable.

South Africa’s laws governing online casinos

You might be wondering if real money online casinos are actually legal in South Africa given all this talk about casino games and mobile gambling. We’ll respond to that for you right away.

We have already covered the South African gambling laws in great detail elsewhere on our website, so we’ll just concentrate on them here.

Former South African President Thabo Mbeki’s National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008

You must first understand what occurred a few years ago in order to comprehend the laws governing online casinos in South Africa today.

The National Gambling Amendment was adopted by the South African National Assembly in 2008. It was a strong gambling regulation bill that would have established a procedure for approving online casinos that accept real money.

The law was signed by President Thabo Mbeki with the caveat that it wouldn’t go into effect “until a date selected by the President.”

Sadly, a few months later, a corruption scandal led to President Mbeki’s resignation.

The National Gambling Amendment Act was never ratified by him. President Kgalema Motlanthe, his successor, did not either.

Since then, the National Gambling Amendment Act has been inactive. It won’t be fully implemented until a President decides to do so.

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